The 2020 Davis Cup will be the 109th edition of the Davis Cup
06 - 07 March 2020
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Davis Cup Tickets 2020

Davis Cup is one of the iconic tennis tournaments since it does not involve top stars competing hard for their own success; it is a tournament that is similar to a World Cup for countries. This makes it even more special considering the army of fans who will fill the courts’ stands not just to cheer the players, but rather to salute their countries. For this reason, Davis Cup tickets are always in demand especially when there is a star involved.

This seems to be the case with the semi-final game featuring Britain and Argentina in Glasgow. Fans have to stump up a whopping £95 in order get hold of the match tickets. This arena bears happy memories for Britain as they won against the United States here back in March.

The Emirates Arena will be hosting one of the semi-finals while Croatia takes on France in the other semi-final match, taking place in Zadar, Croatia.

Prices for singles games on Friday or Sunday have set fans back by £65 and £95 respectively. The doubles action on Saturday is priced at £80. One can expect these prices to shoot-up even more if Britain manages to make it into the finals.

The price for the Davis Cup final tickets is likely to exceed £100 if the British are to face France. The latter will have to overcome the home advantage of Croatia to secure a place in the final match. By doing so they might avoid another season of disappointment especially after having lost in a final match three times in the last decade.

The Davis Cup final tickets will be on sell soon and meanwhile we can tell you, that Zagreb is quite beautiful in November. So prepare for a trip to Croatia if you want to enjoy the finals at the Arena Zagreb.

davis cup tickets Croatia Vs Argentina
Tickets go on sale: 19 October
Price:(in Euros)
  • Category 1
  • 3 days – 66 EURO
  • Fri/Sat/Sun – 26 EURO
  • Category 2
  • 3 days – 59 EURO
  • Fri/Sat/Sun – 23 EURO
  • Category 3
  • 3 days – 40 EURO
  • Fri/Sat/Sun – 20 EURO
davis cup tickets Croatia Vs France
Tickets go on sale: 31 August
Price:(in Croatian Kuna)
  • Category 1
  • Fri/Sun – HRK 90
  • Sat – HRK 70
  • 3 days – HRK 200
  • Category 2
  • Fri/Sun – HRK 70
  • Sat – HRK 50
  • 3 days – HRK 150
davis cup tickets Britain Vs Argentina
Tickets go on sale: Wednesday 24 August
Price: Price: (in British Pounds)
  • 3-day tickets
  • Category 1: £270
  • Category 2: £225
  • Category 3: £175
  • Single day tickets
  • Category 1: £95 (Friday/Sunday), £80 (Saturday)
  • Category 2: £80 (Friday/Sunday), £65 (Saturday)
  • Category 3: £70 (Friday), £45 (Saturday), £65 (Sunday)